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    Medical climatized modules of the clean rooms on the "turn-key" basis.

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    Implementation of clean zones in medicine.

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    Partition-wall systems for clean rooms

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EMC LeoCon Group is a manufacturer and supplier of components, structures and equipment for the clean rooms. We produce full line of products for the clean rooms construction on "turn-key" basis. Our company, with its modern production base and professional team, has developed a unique technology for the organization of "clean" areas, which meets all international norms and standards. The prefabricated modular construction method was taken into the basis of our technology. The main difference from similar technologies is that all the structural elements  are made by our company independently. All the structural elements of clean rooms are made as an elements of a single design, but they can be easily integrated into manufacturing equipment of other manufacturers.



The modular construction meets all the stringent hygiene requirements imposed to such facilities and is designed to create "sterile" areas and units. The system is flexible and easy to assemble and dismantle thanking to the special design solutions of joints and fixings. The patented supporting profile for the installation of the panels ensures perfect integration with the flooring. For the production are used high-quality materials with the best technical characteristics of well-known European manufacturers. Due to the accumulated experience and high-tech solutions, which are used while designing, the final product gets the best features: simple installation, easy operation, maintenance and durability.








Design works with the design specification for facilities and engineering communications for the clean rooms.

                                            Reception of premises in accordance with the design specification, final assembly of the  clean room complex, that is combined into the single design-specific technological modules enclosing structures and engineering systems, and connecting engineering systems of the clean room systems to the  building engineering networks. The works are performed by specialists of the LeoCon Group or on installation supervision conditions.



Manufacture of "Medical climatized modules". Implementation of clean rooms on the "turn-key" basis.



Commissioning and qualification of the object to the given regulatory requirements, in particular to the requirements of ISO 14644.



Supply of technological equipment.




Manufacture and installation of the clean room complex are performed in accordance with existing regulations. Technical solutions meet all the requirements of sanitary, fire and other internationally accepted regulatory standards  and ensure protection of people`s life and health during operation of the facility.








We are the company of full production cycle, structurally conduct the project at all stages of its implementation, fully ensuring its implementation on time without additional costs.



In our projects we give all the advantages of the latest world technologies. And apply them into our decisions to improve the quality of fiulfilled projects.